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"I really appreciate the care and attention we received."

- Wednesday, June 19, 2013

For us this was a long process but Marcia was great. She answered all our questions and was sympathetic to how we were feeling throughout. She and our estate agent made this happen and without them we would be completely stuck. I have had need to contact the lawyers and the CPA and they have been responsive and insightful. I really appreciate the care and attention we received. Often times in situations like this people are made to feel guilty and terrible about a situation that was completely out of their control. S3 never made us feel as though short selling our house was in any way our fault. I felt they understood the situation so many people are in now. Thank you so much for acting on our behalf with the bank. I can't express enough how thankful we are that we had someone on our side to help us through what has been the most stressful year of our lives.

 - Merritt G. (Homeowner) Everett, WA 6/19/13

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