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"Ark Law Group absolutely came through in a very timely manner...I ended up saving 18,500"

- Monday, July 08, 2013
I was on the buyers end of this short sale process and I could not be more happy with the results. We originally had an agreed upon price to go to the bank with for the short sale that seemed fair with market conditions. The approval for this transaction happend very timely and efficiently. Once the bank approved the price, we went through the closing and appraisal process where the appraiser came back with a low appraisal. We ended up with a very short window to close this deal based on a few key factors and had to go back to the bank with a lower sales price. Ark Law Group absolutely came through in a very timely manner and I got my lower price approved with all the requirements met easily. I ended up saving $18,500 off of the original price and closed faster than expected. Thank you again.

 - Joshua R. (Buyer) Kirkland, WA 7/8/13

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