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New HSBC Short Sale Approval Letter: Homeowner in Renton, WA, Receives $22,000 Loan Discount, Deficiency Waived!

- Saturday, May 26, 2012
This Renton, WA, homeowner avoided foreclosure through a short sale. She owed $284,000 on her first mortgage with Ocwen, and another $25,000 on her HSBC second mortgage - a total of over $300,000 of debt. But her home was valued at only $195,000.

HSBC has just issued their short sale approval letter for the second mortgage, accepting $2,500 net proceeds on the $25,000 mortgage balance owing - a discount of over $22,000.

And the best news is that the HSBC short sale approval letter waived the Renton homeowner of ever having to repay that $22,000 deficiency! She can move ahead with her life without the fear of debt collectors pursuing her in the future.

You can read the HSBC short sale approval letter here: 4.26.12_HSBC_2nd_Lien_22k_Deficiency_Debt_Settled_Short_Sale_Approval.pdf

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