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Fannie Mae Makes the Moves for Even Faster Short Sales

- Sunday, February 17, 2013

The trend continues: Lenders do not want to foreclose on you. Foreclosure is not only undesirable for struggling homeowners trying to deal with underwater properties. Foreclosure is a costly way for lenders (including both loan servicers and investors) to deal with non-performing mortgages. Short sales are an alternative to forelosure, and this week, Fannie Mae announced a new tool to make the short sale process even faster and easier.

Some of the issues that can slow down a short sale approval include:

  • needing guidance for a recommended listing price for the property
  • disputing the BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion), or fair market value of the property
  • delays in hearing back from the loan servicer (bank)
  • stumbling blocks between parties during negotiation of an offer.

If a short sale case has come up against one of the issues listed above, the new Fannie Mae tool, called Home Path For Short Sales, allows selling agents to escalate the short sale case. When agents escalate the case, Fannie Mae will contact the servicer to address the issue that is stalling the short sale process. According the DSNews, agents who have used the Home Path For Short Sales tool to escalate cases saw results within one to two days.

Fannie Mae’s new Home Path For Short Sales tool continues the trend that we have been seeing in the last twelve months, as lenders and servicers turn increasingly towards short sales for loss mitigation. Late last year, new FHFA guidelines were announced that will streamline the short sale approval process . In addition, a few weeks ago, Freddie Mac released information about its “shorter short sale” approval process.

To find out whether a mortgage loan is owned by Fannie by visiting And find out more about Fannie’s new Home Path For Short Sales tool at

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