Learn How a Short Sale Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure, Get Rid of Your Mortgage, and Settle Your Debt Without Paying Any More Money to Your Lender, Ever.

Our short sale service has helped over 1,000 Washington State homeowners settle their debt, avoid foreclosure, and get a fresh start, with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

A short sale can transform your life. It can eliminate your high mortgage payments, create better monthly cash flow, and relieve you of paying back tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

A Fresh Start and a New Day

A short sale can help you close out bad investments. Help you eliminate your debt and get your books straight. Help you reduce your expenses. Eliminate your HOA dues. Get rid of your property taxes. Slash your utility bills.

Completely Eliminate Your Debt, Forever

The best case scenario is a complete satisfaction of all your mortgage debt. That means that you won't hear from your lender ever again. The note will be retired. Full satisfaction of your debt.

You can search for your lender in our Short Sale Approval Letter Database and look for your particular lender. We have over 900 recent approval letters for your review! You will see the exact amount paid, and the amount of the debt forgiven. You will see whether it was a full settlement, or only a lien release.

Avoid Having to Pay Back Any Deficiency

The vast majority of all short sales in Washington State are full settlements. The reason is that most short sales only have one lien, and in Washington, if a lien holder were attempting to hold a deficiency against you, you could simply let the house go to foreclosure, and the deficiency would automatically be waived.

Our Guarantee to You

There are some situations though, typically with second liens, where settling the deficiency will require a cash contribution from a party to the transaction. In rare cases, the second lien holder will not agree to a deficiency release in the short sale.

If that is the case, we will work with you post-closing to get the debt settled. We will never give up, and never stop working with you until all of your mortgage debt is fully settled. That is our guarantee to you.

Get Exempted From Paying Tax on the Forgiven Debt

We will show you exactly how to legally avoid having to pay taxes on the forgiven debt, by using a common IRS exemption that is available to all taxpayers. This exemption applies to 99% of all of our short sale clients. For the other 1%, the typical tax burden on forgiven debt amounts to the equivalent of one or two mortgage payments.

Here is How to Get Started

Call us now at 1-800-603-3525 or provide your contact information in the form at the top of the page. You will then be eligible for a free consultation. There is no-obligation. There are no-fees. We will go over your situation and let you know exactly what is possible for you.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you eliminate your mortgage debt.

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